August 25th, 2004


How *do* they do it?

I don't know if anyone on here is a fan of country music or not. I'm not a huge follower, but I do like a song every now and then. I mostly follow whatever they play on CMT--ok, honestly, I just watch it for the cuties, but there are the songs too. Anywho, I've always been amazed at how sad country music videos can be. I think that I've seen the saddest there is to see and a few weeks later someone else will come out with one that makes me burst into tears just as the old one is starting to wear off. It's amazing to me and I have no idea how they can manage it. Has anyone noticed that? Any theory on how country music artists are so adept at pulling at people's heart strings? Today I saw "Whiskey Lullaby" by Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss--man, what a tear jerker.
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