July 13th, 2004

The People's Goat

Open letter to God from Pat Robinson

Dear God,
I come to you in humble prayer, loving obediance, and a ransom of your public image in the minds of the American People.
If you want the public image of the Christ returned to some level of respectability, you must complete the following deamnds.

1. Stop the Queers; make the hobby of homosexuality illegal (and then send them to Hell)

2. Keep President Bush in Office

3. Destroy the Liberal Media, Schools, Courts, and people (before sending them to Hell)

4. Keep President Bush in Office indefinately

5. Install the 10 commandmants in all public places (Add #11: Love the USA or get the hell out) Note: Forget the beatitudes or anything said by Jesus. The 10 commands will suffice, thank you very much.

5. Install President Bush as Emperor

6. Change the Pledge of Allegance to "I pledge allegiance to the US and her God; God bless America, and no one else"

7. Create a perfect theocracy.

Note: Your opinion no longer matters. If you have any questions concerning your opinion forward any queries to the American Family Association, Trinity Broadcasting Network or its partners and affiliates.

Thank you,
Reverend (and don't you forget it) Pat Robinson
The People's Goat

Last efforts

Please oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment by calling the Senate Switch Board at the following number.
Be heard!
(202) 224-3121
The American Family Association is doing it. Shouldn't You?